10 March 2007

Day Eight ...

... at The Hormone Ranch

Oats, apples, raisins, cinnamon, maple syrup, some with soymilk ... hot soymilk or soymilky chia for breakfast. Cory said the oats tasted different, but we couldn't figure out why. Ernie's the one who noticed that there were no chopped almonds in it. They each got a handful of raw almonds in a pocket. Everyone was well-rested and chatty this morning, everthing got done on time, noone was missing any last minute anythings. It must be Friday!

The dogs didn't come in at all, this morning.

It's another gorgeous day. The snow and ice are disappearing at a great rate. The snow that was in the weekend's forecast isn't anymore.

I washed floors and ran the dishwasher and did laundry and stomped around in the yard and visited the chickens and cat and horses and washed the eggs and had a shower and packed and started dinner.

Cory and Linda came home and computering ensued. I took Mary's vehicle to fill the tank, get peanut butter and a cucumber, and pick Ernie and his friend up from badminton at the school. We dropped the friend off at his house, then went home and finished making dinner - baked tofu and maki rolls. We finished up the chores and packing, relaxed a while, and then Mary and Robin got home (looking all relaxed, in spite of having spent the day travelling).

There was hugging and kissing and grapefruit picked a couple of days ago, stories and pictures and more hugging and kissing.

Welcome home!

Eggs: +11 for the day
Collected - 14
Eaten - 3
Discarded - 0

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