07 March 2007

Day Six ...

... at The Hormone Ranch

According to babelfish, caliente is "it warms up" ... surprisingly appropriate.

Oats with apples, raisins, coconut, leftover coconut rice, cinnamon and maple syrup (and soy milk for some), and (soy)milky chai or hot soymilk for breakfast. Lunches made and packed , dogs and chickens fed, last minute "Where's my ..."s done, and onto the bus they went. Smiley, huggy morning folx, two chatty and one sleepy.

Showered, dishes done (hah! the one whole pot, spoon, knife and cutting board from the oats), yarn rinsed and hung up to dry, laundry started, and out the door to the city.

I stopped at home to check for mail (nothing interesting) and picked up a message from Rafe, so we met up at the grocery store after he ran his errand and I hit the gas station. We both ended up buying some perfectly ripe (some funny name that starts with an A) little mangoes ... free samples work if the product is that astoundingly good!

He wanted to show off his new toy, Wild Divine. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action when I get home. I've been drooling over it since he first showed me the site, ages ago.

Visited the chickens, cat, and horses, messed up the kitchen and cleaned it up again, folded an inordinate number of small clothes (my current theory is that she's been saving them up since Christmas for me).

Cory's staying at school today to help set up for that Scottish play tomorrow. Ernie disappeared downstairs to do his homework as soon as he got home.

* * *

Chili and the rest of Greek salad v2.0 for dinner. Linda had 4H, came home and crashed. Cory's havin' a chilling evening. Ernie disappeared downstairs again after dinner with his small mountain of homework.

Look at her ... you'd think she was personally responsible for the sunset.

Eggs: +16 for the day (uh oh!)
Collected - 16
Eaten - 0
Discarded - 0

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