05 March 2007

Day Four ...

... at The Hormone Ranch

This is something I saw when I was where Mary and Robin are now (guess who didn't take any pictures today) ... taken with my phone.

Showers, then oats with apples, cinnamon and maple syrup (and soy milk for some), and (soy)milky chai for breakfast. Lunches made and packed, dogs and chickens fed, last minute "Where's my ..."s done, and onto the bus they went. Smiley, huggy morning folx.

I be'd domestic, gathered eggs, showered and headed home to see if the house was still standing (it was) and if there was any mail (there wasn't) and get groceries. I forgot to get light bulbs ... poor chickens ... though I'm not sure that's the issue.
There was no light on Saturday, so we checked (and adjusted) the timer, but there was still no light, so we checked extension cords and plugged the unplugged one back in, but there was still no light, so we figured we'd find the bulbs and change them on Sunday. \
On Sunday, the light was on, so we scratched the bulb-changing plans.
Today, there's no light on again. I think the chickens are messing with us, but I'll try changing the bulb tomorrow.

Smiley, huggy afternoon folx came home and hoovered up some leftover cabbage, tofu and oatmeal, along with anything else that wasn't nailed down. Greek salad (with bonus kidney beans) and falafel for dinner. Ernie went off to confirmation (I hope he has time to finish his homework after!), Cory's been sorting his room and homeworking, and Linda made a beaded snake for a friend, then helped me wind the yarn we dyed into centre-pull balls, and drew some pictures, then bed.

Eggs: +9 for the day
Collected - 16
Eaten - 6
Discarded - 1

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Robert van de Walle said...

Your time at the Hormone Ranch sounds divine!

Thanks so much for sharing about it.