19 March 2007

Colour ...

1. Set timer for 2 miutes
2. Grab green things 'til it goes off
3. Everything must be in plain sight (not in cupboards, etc.)
4. Take picture

Happy Green Day
While I'm not Irish, I can't ignore a day that celebrates green!

Patty and the girls are in town for nearly two weeks. Yay! Jaime is here, too, but he has to leave again Monday or Tuesday. Aw!

I applied koolaid to the last of that turquoise yarn this weekend. I meant to take a picture of it all, once it was done, but some of it's still hanging to dry and I've knit some of it already. Oops. I also applied henna to my hair and elbow grease to various surfaces in the house, made a cat supplies run, and built a blog for Dande. Pretty laid back weekend, all in all.

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