04 March 2007

Day Three ...

at The Hormone Ranch

I went pelting out the door as soon as I got up this morning, 'cuz I suddenly thought, "What if I can't reach the pedals in Mary's truck? I'll have to take the kids to church one at a time in my car."

I can reach the pedals ... whew!

The fuel light is on ... ack!
Can I make it to the church and back and over to the Co-Op before running out? I dunno. Ernie and I consulted and decided better safe than sorry, so I went charging off to get fuel while Cory, Ernie and Linda got ready and had breakfast.

I saw a coyote in a field on the way ... cool!

The Co-Op was closed ... crap!
Keep going to The Village.

The Petro-Can was open ... and I made it without running out of fuel ... whew!

The Co-Op was open when I drove past it on the way back ... thanks, Coyote.

So I put gas in 'til the auto shut-off kicked in, went in and paid for the gas, and left. I was down the road before I realized I'd put in only a quarter tank. I didn't think anything of it, 'cuz that's about how long it takes me to fill the tank in my car. I probably let up on the handle and it shut off. Colour me dingbat.

Back in time to take The Three to church, after which, there was a flurry of egg sandwiches.

The yarn turned out nice.

Again, with the (mostly) reasonable negotiations, today.

Baked tofu, brown basmati cooked with coconut milk, curried cabbage with coconut, fresh tomato, avocado for dinner. Just enough tofu left for one lunch. Ernie called it.

Eggs: +3 for the day
Collected - 16
Eaten - 7
Discarded - 6 discarded

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