26 August 2007

Back To What Passes For Normal ...

On Saturday of the Folk Fest, I had a wedding to go to, so Mary came in to babbysit her kids for me for the day (it was funny at the time. really). Kitty and Dannie's wedding was lovely, and I sat with a bunch of folx I hadn't seen in ages at the reception. It was a very Disney thing.

Mary came back and got Cory, Ernie and Linda on Monday, then I cleaned up a bit, got stuff ready to go to Chelsea's, picked up Barbara and headed out to misbehave at the ranch and go to the airport to send off our darling Germans in the morning and back to the ranch to sulk with Chelsea, Darwin, Bernie, Barbara and Annailese. There are gaps. I've forgotten what the plans were for some of the days. Friday, I drove to Calgary to see Sutai's film at the Calgary Fringe Festival's Film Festival, then drove back again. I picked Cory up on Sunday to come in to Fringe for a couple of days ... took the car in for service on Monday ...then took him home and picked up Linda on Wednesday to come in and Fringe for a couple of days ... picked Drayce up at the airport Friday morning ... then took her home on Saturday. And that was the last of my summer plans! Barbara asked what I was doing on Sunday and I said, "I have no plans." We both took a moment to digest that.

On the way back from Mary's, I was enjoying the pretty drive and having no plans for the immediate future, when my phone rang. I pulled over by the old schoolhouse and phoned Drayce back. We ended up making a plan to go misbehavin' and did just that. At one point, we stumbled into a B.Y.O.V. play behind the Black Dog. It took us both way too long to figure out that it was a play.

I'm puttering about, washing and putting away camping gear, and cleaning up nearly two months' worth of clutter. I went for lunch with the APs yesterday, to see if I can drive Dad's van ... I can't reach the floor, but the pedals come up. We're going to swap vehicles on Friday for the weekend, so I can take Barbara and Annailese out to the lake with me for Dad's and my 117th birthday on Sunday. He's going to come by before gymnastics so he can take Epona to show off to the guys at the gym. I figured when I bought her that there'd be times when she just wasn't big enough, but that there'd always be a work-around. This is the first time I've put that theory to the test, so I'm really pleased that he's excited about it.

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