10 August 2007

Ganging Bloody Agley ...

One of these days, there'll be pictures again.

The plan was to visit at Chelsea and Darwin's for the evening, then come home and crash early to get up early to take Lerris to the airport ... come home and catch a quick nap, then get ready for Mary and the kids to arrive.

We left Chelsea's at 3:15 a.m. ... just enough time to come home, get Lerris packed up, his bags tossed into the car, and to make it to the airport at the appointed time (and beery enough to sleep on the plane, with any luck at all).

Mary dropped us off at the top of the hill at the Folk Fest tonight. Just as we were setting up our blanket, I spotted four people came up the hill toward us wearing Free Hugs shirts and sent Linda to sic 'em. She hit one of them with a flying tackle and they went rolling down the hill. We ended up with a fistful of hug coupons and a good giggle.

Later, Drayce, whom I haven't seen in fifteen years, walked up and into a full-frontal like it was ten minutes ago. Weird and wonderful.

Sleepy now.

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