17 October 2007

Catching Up Yet Again ...

The Sarah Girls came and went again, over Thanksgiving. Fortunately, it turned out that the time they had to visit was on a different day than family Thanksgivinging at the lake. I took no pictures. I've gotten out of the habit of it. Again. Time to start doing a few a week for Flickr to rebuild the habit. Also out of the habit of blogging. Tsk!

Nina and I have been sorting and organizing and de-cluttering. Years later, we've gotten the downstairs space usable for her (though at the expense of rendering my studio space down there completely unusable). She'll get a few months' use out of it, then have to give it up to be converted to a bedroom for Cory, but she's tickled pink to have the space organized. We cleared a bookshelf of crap left behind that I hadn't felt like dealing with, and moved the shelf into the closet under the stairs for a pantry. The closet is insulated on all walls except the outside one and Dad is building a door for it. Soon, we'll have a nice little cold room and pantry. I'm excited all out of proportion about it!

I've been mucking with variously aging computers and looking wistfully at new ones.

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dani said...

more updating pls thx.