25 October 2007

What A Day ...

I opened the cupboard under the sink this morning and there was Mr. Mousie, doing his balance beam trick on the edge of the garbage pail again. He looked like he was going to try leaping through the hole into the rest of the cupboards, so I reached in to wiggle the garbage pail, startled him, and he dove into the pail. I tied up the bag, took it straight out to the garbage can and put the lid on, all without taking my eyes off the bag, just in case. Pick-up was today. if he didn't slip out of the bag unnoticed and if he didn't escape from the garbage can and if he didn't scoot out when the garbage was emptied, maybe he'll get to winter at the smorgasbord that is the dump.

Holey creepin' crud, it was so warm out! And it just kept getting warmer. A primped tough guy in a muscle car revved his engine behind me in the left-turn lane at the lights, creeping up on my tail, then roared past me in the intersection, only to stop in front of me down the block at the Hughes. That's where I was going, too. We both filled our tanks and washed our cars. I came away with change from a twenty. He went from sneering to, "Dude. No way."

I sat on the front steps for a while, reading. It was 25°C, clear and sunny and that deep summer blue. I went to get chase Nina out into the warm from the basement and by the time I got back, it was 20°C, breezy, and clabbering up. Pretty soon it was 15°C and windy, then 10°C and cloudy and the wind had shifted. Now it's 2°C and calm. It was fascinating to watch. Every now and then Alberta lives up to the "Don't like the weather? Wait an hour."

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