15 December 2008

$11 House in Edmonton ...

Okay, it's a contest, but it's so cool!

I read about it on Twitter this morning and now I'm all in love with the idea.

An neat old (nearly 100 years) prairie box style house, once owned by Grant Notley that became a rooming house during a housing crunch eventually got so run down it was condemned.

A local man, bitten by the renovation and real estate bugs, and his family bought it to fix up and sell.

Sparked by a funny daughter-comment, an idea was born to run a contest. If enough people buy an $11 entry, someone will have a mortgage-free fully renovated and updated home with appliances and a great story to tell, a family will have done something tremendously cool, and a house that might have been torn down will get a second chance.

So ... if you can think of any reason at all that you might be interested in living in Edmonton (rule stuff), please, oh please, read the article, go to the official website, think about buying in.

Don't need or want a house in Edmonton? Perhaps a friend does. You could get them a chance to dream for Christmas. Maybe you could enter for a favourite charity. You could enter just so this thing will work for someone else.

It's not a draw. The finalist entries will be put up for vote on Facebook.
One may enter only once ... but one knows others who may enter, too!
Please tell people about this.
The deadline is Dec. 31.

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Alice said...

that's an idea...i'll spread it around in hk...