05 February 2006

Great Reception ...

Cassandra showed me a great way to put on a jacket today, and then Rose showed me a great way to put on gloves. "Auntie Mary had a good idea. First you make a twist," says she, showing me a fist, "then you put it in the glove and go PFOO!" says she, opening up her fist and not getting the fingers into the glove's fingers. But she was paying attention to what she was doing (instead of off on some mission, while someone else tries to cram her hand into the glove) and got them straightened out soon enough. We had a grand visit at Mary and Robin's, with haircuts and playing, and yacking, and preparing and sharing of food (we feast well), and computer teching by Pete, and visiting the cats and chickens (like cats, chickens are soft, except for the sharp bits) and horses, and going for a walk along the frozen creek. Along the way to the creek, Rose showed me rabbit eggs that had baby mice in them (they looked for all the world like rocks ... good thing she was along to enlighten me).

Before I went to Mona and Pete's, I stopped for groceries. There was a relatively new, sparkly-clean pick-up in the parking lot with a rather tall step ladder standing open in the box. It was tied with those ratchet-type webbing straps and had an old-style TV antenna attached to the top. There was also an older sedan with a pentastar hood ornament to which had been duct taped a canadian flag on a stick. There was an Alberta flag on the antenna, flying at half mast.

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