26 February 2006

Sustainability Soup ...

Mona came by on Friday, bearing yummy juice and Indian food, good stories and laughs. Yay!

Ernie was here for his birthday sleep-over this weekend. We had a lurvly time and wore both of us out.

I got movie passes in the mail from the Smart car people 'cuz The Pink Panther has a Smart car in it. How cool is that? And Hughes has a new Smart car fuel discount of 5.8 cents per litre (about 21.95 cents per US gallon).

Robert has a Sustainability Sunday thing going on and we're all invited to join in.

Like so many, I shred some documents before recycling them. I was at a loss when I found out last winter that shredded paper gums up the works over at our recycling plant. I let the papers pile up while I looked for a solution. It might have come to me sooner if the people who did my yard for me this spring hadn't tried to move my composter to trim around it. They did an amazing job of picking up every single speck of everything that spilled out all over the lawn. I might've been annoyed if I hadn't been laughing so hard. In the end, it took me 'til nearly halfway through the summer to run out of brown matter to balance the green matter in the freshly started composter. I shredded all my papers and mixed them with water, a bucketful at a time, and poured the soup into the composter. Happy compost, happy machines at the recycling plant, happy me.


Robert van de Walle said...

You're composting your waste paper!? Wow, you are hard core!!!

Lynn said...

Nah, only the shredded stuff!