17 April 2006

What I Did Easter Weekend ...

It was beautiful out on Friday! Jeanette dropped by on Friday with her sweetie for a walk-by hugging. While she and I were yacking in the livingroom, her sweetie was playing with my fridge magnet words in the kitchen. I've had "I want me so over you." at the top of the board for quite a while. Underneath, he added "I want to be beneath you." Way to change the energy of that statement! Thanks!

I went out to the lake on Saturday to hang about and have Easter dinner with the family. I stopped at Mary's on the way to see the art project she's working on. When Cory and I went up to the store we ran into an old friend of mine who's been asking Mom about the Fair the last couple of years. He'd love to go. I think he'd love it.

Because two of the cats I serve are idiots who will eat until they puke, I have to come home to feed them. So I drove back to the city Saturday night and back out to the lake Sunday morning for the egg-hunting.

From bright blue skies and warm temperatures on Friday to this on Sunday morning:

We hunted for eggs in the snow:

"I found a egg in the bath bird!"

There was a never-ending cycle of cleaning, meal preparation, meals, liberally augmented with going out, coming in, talking, reading, knitting, singing, playing, building of snowmen, and laughing. Mom, Mary, Cory, Ernie and Mona took turns reading The Timewaster Letters and laughing themselves silly. Cassandra sang a lovely song about the "Hippy Dippy Dance" and she and Rose sang the Hokey Pokey one a bunch of times. Mona incited a conspiracy of lasagnas and grocery lists that made things more relaxed and efficient, I think. It was a big weekend for Rose and Cassandra. They had always slept in their play pens in a corner of the big up-upstairs bedroom when at the lake. They've now moved into the bottom of the two bunk beds in the upstairs (only one "up") bedroom ... how grown up! It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed ... look out the windows behind the hard-working girls:

Lots of games of Carcassonne were played, but I didn't get a chance to get into one of them this time. It looks great, though, and I look forward to trying it. Linda learned that plying the adults with wine improved one's odds of winning:

By the time I left to go home (to feed the stupid cats again), most of the snow was gone:

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Felicity said...

That's crazy. We all had weird weather here for TX. Easter weekend was a whoppin' 97 degrees! Chocolate melted in the hidden eggs. =) Not pleasant for either sort of weather eh!