02 April 2006

Tiger ...

... does not like girl cats. This is what the people at Kitty City have figured out, having watched him with lots and lots of cats when he's been boarded there. He terrorizes the girl cats. Each time he's out of his room, he'll pick one and "tree" them somewhere. The last time, he bit someone who was trying to keep him from attacking a poor girl he'd treed behind the washing machine. He doesn't get into it with the boy cats over territory. Nope. If he's let out of his room with only boy cats, he's as docile as a lamb. Yes, it turns out the fierce jungle kitten prefers the company of boys. No wonder the house is a war zone with him and two girl cats.

I'd pretty much resigned myself to having the house divided in two as long as he's here anyway ... this just confirms it.

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