28 March 2006

Bullwinkle ...

On the weekend, Bernie asked me, "This scarf used to be you scarf?" and I told him no, it didn't used to be anybody's scarf, that I made it just for him. We went back and forth with similar questions and answers for a while, then he took it off and said, "I don't want this scarf any more." Oops. I told him the yarn used to be mine and I used that yarn that used to be mine to make a scarf especially for him. "That's my scarf, especially. Put it back on me." says he.

Bernie and Annailese watching a moose in Bernie's back yard

Barbara and Annailese came by yesterday, to bring me their camera so I could transfer all the pictures onto my computer. We stood on the warm wood of the deck in our bare feet and played in the snow with sand shovels and pails. What fun! I burnt my face for about the dozenth time in the last month.

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