21 March 2006

Oh bother ...

In a fit of I-don't-quite-know-what yesterday, I hauled the fridge and stove out and cleaned them, the walls, and the floor. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and I harvested a lot of cat toys. I talked to Barbara for an hour yesterday moring. She and Anailese tried to stop by, got stuck half a dozen times and finally gave up when Anailese fell asleep in the car ... so she called me from a payphone and we yacked for another hour.

The snowplough did the back alley today, so I went out to chip and dig the packed snow and ice out from the end of the sidewalk and driveway. The good news is I had to dig out only half the width of the driveway. Neighbour To The West (who is moving and apparently feels good neighbour relations are no longer required) shovelled out his three-to-four-car-wide driveway onto my barely-two-car-wide driveway, leaving enough room for one small car ... just. I am less amused by this than you might think. Nina and I were both going to park in the back, since the alley is in much better shape than the street.

I also did some digging on the front street. I got Epona about half dug out and Nina's parking spot a bit better cleared. More tomorrow. Gawds, I hope the city doesn't decide to plough the street and bury us again. They shouldn't as there are no city vehicles that use this street.

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