11 March 2006

Holidaying ...

I'm still on holidays.
I got to see Shadow, yay! He drove three hours to Palm Desert to visit, bless 'is heart.
Yesterday, Mom, Dad and I moved from Palm Desert to Ramona, CA. It's very different here ... high desert, and very pretty.

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Robert van de Walle said...

I spent my formative young adulthood in the high desert: Mojave, Joshua Tree, and so on. My brother lived in Julian for a while; he now lives in Lake Cayamuca. Well, he lives in the village above the lake, actually.

The retreat center I go to occasionally is up on Mt. Palomar.

Yes, that entire area is stunningly beautiful. And more so since they really take some effort to improve the air quality. Thinking of you traveling through the So Cal deserts brings waves of nostalgia. I bet with the recetn rains the desert bloom is going to be amazing this year!