22 March 2006

They're here!

I shovelled some more in the front this morning, before heading off to Leduc with Barbara and Anailese and Bernie to see Patty and the girls at the Grandma's. There was hugging and smooching and showing of treasures and lunch and reading of stories and getting on of outside clothes and trudging to the park through snow and puddles and over the skating rink and the frozen pond. There was climbing and sliding on slides and swinging and making of snowballs and snowbabies and eating of icicles and snow lumps and then there was trudging back to the Grandma's and peeling off of drenched outer clothes in the building's foyer. There was snack and running and shreiking and wrestling and laughing and reading of stories and more hugging and smooching and putting on of dry clothes to go home. It was a good day. The part of Ms. Crabby Pants way played by Anailese today.

I hope to finish digging Epona out tomorrow. It takes a while, as there's nowhere to throw the snow, so I dig a shovelful and walk it around the car to the boulevard and dump it, rinse and repeat. Well, I don't have to do it this way ... I could do it as the neighbours did (yes, the very same neighbours from yesterday's post) and shovel it all out onto the next car in line. It's a good thing I had no plans to move the Lady Pumpkin anyway 'cuz there's no way she's getting out of there 'til thaw.

Patty and the girls and Chelsea and Bernie and I and possibly Nina are having a sleep-over at Barbara and Anailese's on Friday night ... four or five adults and five kids in a two bedroom apartment. Oughta be a blast!

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