05 November 2007

Pumpkins, Ponies and a Party ...

The guy on the bottom is mine.
Nina and Den carved a flaming skull and a cat on their pumpkins, but they were all shrivelly by Hallowe'en, so I taped orange construction paper over them, turned the pumpkins around and carved faces in the backs.

We had fifty or sixty kids on Hallowe'en. That's way more than we've had in several years. The nice weather probably accounted for some of them.

Inez and I got to meet the new babby on Friday when we went out to have lunch with Mary (and Ernie, 'cuz he was home from school, feeling wretched, poor thing)

Robin says he may name him Kyoto, but wasn't sure yet when we were there. He is so soft!

Here he is with Robin and his Mama (Lucky). That's his Pa (Mylo) behind the fence.

Barbara and Annailese were MIA on Saturday 'til they turned up on my doorstep after lunch, so we got a much later start on the day than expected. We went to the market and took Nina's old iMac over to their house and got them hooked up and running and accessing the internet, in spite of a set-up disc that didn't work and two rather lengthy calls to the tech line (first one disconnected about twenty minutes into the call). I don't blame the tech line folx. They're doing their jobs and have a script to follow. It's ... just ... very ... time ... consuming ... and ... frustrating ... if you know you've already checked all the things they're going to have you check. We used up all of the time we had, so I didn't end up hanging out with Annailese so Barbara could get stuff done.

I played Talisman with Drayce and a friend of his at Drayce's on Saturday evening. It rained a bit, then the rain turned to snow (some of which is still here). There was feet-up snow watching with a wee dram of the good stuff later.

The time changed, but noone told Tiger, so getting up was leisurely, but the pre-getting-up-lolling was kinda naggy. Sunday morning brought tea-drinking and geeking, and yacking in the snow on the deck, crunching snow underfoot.

And then, there was a party at Mona's for Auntie Asobel's birthday.

There were games.
There was lunch.
There were dancing girls.

There was visiting.
There were stories
There was a puzzle.

There were faeries.
There were pictures.
There was music.

There was cake and pumpkin squares and sorbet.

There was a present.
There was a homecoming.
There was hugging and kissing and telling of love.
It was a good day.

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