01 November 2007

The Usual ...

Inez was over on Friday. She's a lot of fun. We polished an English version of her résumé, went to visit Barbara for a bit, then did some running around, then Barbara and Annailese came over here and we all hung out in the sun on the back steps 'til Chelsea came to get Inez. Chelsea brought Inez back again on Monday, on her way to work. We went to the University, to drop off résumés, got lost, got sent bouncing from office to office in the Van Vleit Centre and found that another we wanted had moved. It all worked out, though, and we got her to her appointment in Sherwood Park on time. Tuesday's plans with Barbara got changed when Annailese fell onto a duplo castle, poor thing. Inez came in again yesterday. We made maki for lunch, did some running around, visited Barbara, made baked tofu for dinner and watched movies while being mugged for compressed sugar by small ghouls and princesses and then I drove her home. Glinda came in for the afternoon, today. We ran into Drayce on the way for lunch at Mosaics (they've taken my much-loved pb and grilled tofu sandwich off the menu ... sadness! ... but they made one for me today), went to see Mona at Earth's General, to pick up bread and come back here to make cauliflower soup for dinner, then got caught up in looking at her son's website and ended up rushing her off to her class at Bosch before the soup was ready. Oops. Chelsea is dropping Inez off tomorrow moring on her way to work and we're heading out to Mary's (where there's a less-than-a-week-old babby horse!) for a few hours, then pelting home so Chelsea can pick Inez up here and Miles up at Barbara's for their weekend trip. If all goes according to plan, Barbara, Annailese and I will go to the market on Saturday, then I'll hang out with Annailese so Barbara can get her work done. I have bananas in the fridge, calling my name. Mayhap I'll get to building banana bread on Sunday.

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