10 August 2005

Happy Bday ...

Yesterday was erranding, cleaning, talking to Pat, and dinner and a coupla Firefly episodes with Brandon. A whole day in one sentence!

I spent a good chunk of the morning on the phone, then Dad came over bearing gifts ... we looked at Fair and Sasquatch pictures 'til Mom got here, but then Dad had to go to the dentist. Mom and I went for lunch at the Lemongrass Cafe and ran into John (of Brass Monkey Productions fame), then to Bosch Kitchen Centre to get a pressure cooker. Wheee! I spent a bunch more time on the phone, then Barbara and Anailise came over to play. Then I spent a bunch more time on the phone. There was singing.

Tomorrow, I'm going to spend a bunch of time on the phone, do some laundry and cleaning, and see if I can get over to see Pat at the Grey Nuns, then Brandon's coming to buy me dinner and watch the last coupla Firefly episodes. I have a tentative date for coffee avec mon oncle on Friday and the cats get picked up. Saturday and Sunday to pack and repack, then I head off to see Vince, my twin from 'nuther family. Yafreakinghoo!

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