11 August 2005

Oops ...

I switched the comments back so you don't have to have a blogger account to comment. I was taking a break from the porn spam for a few days.

Brandon came over after work and we had dinner from New Asian Village. Gawds, I love Saag Paneer!

I changed my phone plan so I have voice mail and so I can use my phone while I'm in the US. The cats get picked up tomorrow for their holiday at Kitty City. Nina phoned yesterday to say she was coming today but I haven't heard from her yet. Ah well, as long as she's back before I leave.

Pat's doctors confirmed that the Thalidomide isn't working and he's out of options. He's got two spinal fractures giving him problems with his leg and shoulder. He expects to go back to his sister's tomorrow ... I hope to get over to see him before that.

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