11 September 2005

Happy Bday Brandon ...

... a coupla days late.
Friday morning Mona, Rose and Cassandra came over and we had second breakfast before going to see Pat in the hospital. We met Patty and Jaime there. The roving agents of cute got his bed fulla cracker crumbs and sang him Kwinkle Kwinkle Little Tar (among other classics), we had tea (soup an' sammiches for the girls) in the hospital cafeteria while Pat had some nursing done. Mona, Rose and Cassandra headed home after a little bit more visiting. Patty, Jaime and I headed out for lunch to give Pat a chance to eat his in peace, and have a wee nap, then went back to visit some more. We left late in the afternoon, Patty and Jaime went to Patty's grandma's for dinner and I came home and yacked with Brandon on the phone (and didn't sing him Happy Birthday 'cuz I'm generous like that). One of Pat's old biker buddies wanted to have a barbecue for him, but the weather was just too lousy and his house is really too small for that many people to hang about indoors ... so it got moved to Pat's sister's place in Spruce Grove on Saturday. Barbara and Anailise met us there ... there were s'more hippies and some bikers and some family. I think Pat had a really good time ... he didn't even doze off, in spite of enough drugs to drop a rhino. Flipper wants to do it again this weekend or next. Patty, Jaime and I came back here to hang out with Nina, and Brandon came over. It got very drunk out. Jaime and Brandon were very funny ... Brandon brought over his new Tibetan singing bowl and ended up giving it to Jaime 'cuz he enjoyed it so much ... Nina got all feisty ... Patty, Nina and I went down to make up the futon for Patty and Jaime ... I think it took us forever. Everyone crashed pretty late. I got Patty and Jaime up at 8:30 for coffee, and when Patty went to get Nina up for work we discovered she was gone. It turns out she had gone to her Mom's with a girlfriend of hers after the rest of us went to sleep. She came back later to pick up her stuff to move back to her Mom's ... she'd been planning to but waited 'til after yesterday so she could be here when Patty and Jaime were. Patty and Jaime left at around 10:30 to drive back to B.C. and I went back to bed. I got up again when brandon left at around 2:30ish, took some ibuprophen and went back to bed. I remember why I don't drink. Ow.

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