13 September 2005

Kid Therapy ...

I phoned Pat's sister today 'cuz I'd left a few messages for Pat and hadn't heard back. She says he's had a couple of really bad days. They figure the cancer's metastasized to his brain, causing some personality differences and affecting his pain centres.

They've upped the methadone beyond the maximum and added something (the name escapes me for the moment) that helps separate the brain and body, since the messages are getting all garbled, and he's able to move short distances with his walker again. With the number and amount of drugs, he's no longer able to go out for a smoke and he's pretty ticked about that. He's moved into the palliative care room (small hospital) and has more room for visitors now ... good thing, 'cuz he sure has lots.

Mona, Rose, Cassandra and I are going to go get cracker crumbs in his bed again tomorrow morning. His sister has appointments tomorrow, so I'll stay out there after Mona and the cracker crew leave. With any luck at all, Bobaloo and/or Marmaduke will come out in the evening and I can catch a ride back.

I hope they can keep the pain under control in a way that lets him stay coherent. It's important to him.

I'm worried about his sister.

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