31 August 2006

Farrago ...

I'm so very tired today. I had a running nightmare all night. I kept waking up, calming down, and falling right back into it when I went back to sleep.

So I made whole wheat, oatmeal, coconut, raisin, nut, sesame seed, poppy seed cookies for breakfast.

I've been meaning to show this post to a couple of people long enough that Robert has gone and written another one I want to point to. So I decided to post about them instead. Robert writes about permaculture and life and love and community and hope and faith and doing and being, warts and all. I like Caitlan's posts, too. She's charming and forthright and creative.

On my mind today ...
• I am so very tired of addict behaviours, cancer, and the antics of the men in the lives of some of the women of whom I am particularly fond.
... not just today, but I'm tired, so it's closer to the surface today.
• There's too much stuff in my house
• There has got to be a use for dust and cat hair. I could knit a new cat out of the stuff that falls off just Cleo.
• The lilies in the flowers Dad gave me are so very beautifully stinky. I have a whole new understanding of the term heady.

Stuff and Nonsense ...

Length of day: 13:44
Hours of dark: 9:00ish
Sunrise: 6:42 am
Sunset: 8:26 pm
Start of twilight: 6:05 am
End of twilight: 9:03 pm

Current weather: Mostly Cloudy. 17°C (62°F), wind WNW 22.4 km/h (14 mph), gusting to 33.6 km/h (21 mph), relative humidity 51%, pressure 30.05 in Hg.

Today.. Sunny with cloudy periods, 30% chance of showers late this afternoon with the risk of a thunderstorm. Wind NW 20 km/h. High 18°C.
Tonight.. A few clouds. Low 2°C.
Friday.. Sunny. High 23°C.
Saturday.. Sunny. Low 6°C. High 26°C.
Sunday.. Sunny. Low 7°C. High 27°C.
Monday.. Sunny. Low 7°C. High 25°C.
Normals for the period.. Low 5°C. High 20°C.

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