22 August 2006

Picture Catch-Up ...

I have a bazillion things swirling around in my head today (much like every other day) and haven't sorted them out for posting, yet, so here are catch-up photos instead!

Unfortunately, I haven't a single picture of Sasquatch. I'm getting better at remembering to take pictures, but a little better than abysmal isn't that great.

This is the May Day tree outside my bedroom window. Pretty, eh? It bloomed within a couple of days of May Day, this year. That's unusual. We had an early spring. Everything's been early this summer. I had rosehips on the rose bush by mid-July (though it did come up with a couple of extra roses in August).

There were berries on the May Day early. I did a double-take this morning, though.

Yup, yellow leaves. Red ones, too. The prediction is for an early fall that lasts a long, long time.

Some l'il Charlotte's been busy in the front railing. It's hard to photograph spider webs.

Lousy phone-camera picture of a billboard near Whyte Ave. that illustrates nicely the Canuckian approach to Rah-Rah-ing the troops here and abroad. A cheeky appreciation.

And this is the envelope, helpfully labelled, that Barbara received with the books when she took over managing the building she's living in.

But where are the pictures? On my desktop, cropped and sized and saved for web, waiting, because I can't get 'em to load at the moment and I have Things To Do before meeting Mary, Cory, Ernie and Linda.

Edit: Pictures! Taa-daa!

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Luna said...

Bah! You tease! I kept looking for the link and thinking, where is it?