17 August 2006

Starting Fresh ...

I have a bad case of I Have Too Much To Catch Up On, I'll Post Later When I Have More Time Itis, so I'm starting over, as of now.

Fyn was in town yesterday, entirely too briefly. I didn't leave the house early enough to account for both rush hour and construction, so I was a little late, and then I didn't even offer to take him to the airport. Ditz.

It was wonderful to see him and I wish we could hang out regularly. He's smart and funny and thoughtful and cute as hell and fun and way high up on the list of reasons I wish I had a transporter. I'm not planning on going anywhere but the Fair this year, but next year, I do believe I'll go visit his end of the country ... unless the travel bug bites me again sooner.

We had grilled peanutbutter and tofu and banana sandwiches at Café Mosaics on Whyte - the special, in honour of Elvis. They were delicious!

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biboy said...

mmm, sammiches ;) *hugs* and thanks again for a fun day! :)