27 August 2006

Fringed out ...

I met Mary and the kids at the grocery store on Tuesday. We shopped, came back here, played Liar's Dice, grazed, and watched some Firefly. It rained too hard to drive, so we had a great big sleep-over.

Mary went home in the morning. After a good healthy breakfast ('cuz I knew what was coming for lunch ... they had lemonade, candy floss, and green onion cakes), Cory, Ernie, Linda and I headed to the Fringe, wandered a bit, stumbled into Dr. Draw's show and were immediately enthralled. We wandered some more ... saw a guy build a tree, juggle crystall balls, and twirl fire ... stopped to smooch Elsa at her booth ... then watched a grown man pass himself through a tennis raquet (unstrung (the raquet, not the man)) and juggle three rusty machetes while handcuffed and wearing twenty clothes pins on his face (which he put on while reciting the opening lines to Richard III). When we were tired of wandering, we walked down the road to have dinner, then took a bus to the University so we could take the train across the river and then took another bus home.

Thursday morning was popovers and devilled eggs for breakfast (lunch wasn't quite as bad as Wednesday, but involved more than one fried thing), then back to the Fringe for more street performer stuff. We saw a great soprano sax player, then, within spitting distance, a group called the United Saxophone Liberation Front (a baritone, a tenor, and two altos). There was a two-man act from Boston that gathered an audience by getting a few people to cheer at a table with a caulking gun on it. We picked up some naan bread and took the trolley across the river, then made our way home for dinner ... naan and carrot ginger soup.

I built breakfast burritos on Friday while weaving among the three of them in my bitty kitchey on Friday, thinking, "Aw, isn't that sweet? They just wanna spend time with me!" Once they all had their breakfast, though, they bolted for the livingroom to watch some more Firefly while I had my breakfast alone. Woe! Hahaha! I teased 'em mercilessly about that. Mary came early in the afternoon and we hung out for a while, then the whole crew left to run their errands before heading home.

Yesterday, I went back to the Fringe to meet Brandon and his boy. We wandered Whyte and the Fringe and Strathcona and Whyte some more, 'til the l'il guy was just all hot and worn out!

I met Mona and Pete and Rose and Cassandra at the APs today. There was hugging and smooching and computering and food and chirping and laughing and stories and new neighbour meeting and more hugging and smooching. Dad and I went to Southgate so he could get me some flowers 'cuz he'd gotten me a pair of loppers (I keep borrowing his) ... he said giving a nice lady a pair of loppers is like giving your wife a snow shovel ... it's just not right ... so there were flowers, too. Sweet, eh?

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