11 May 2005

Grace ...

I went to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with Brandon this afternoon. Then we went to the library and the post office (yarn!). Good movie, good company, pretty day.

Much to my dismay, I seem to have misplaced my grace. I've long struggled with accepting gracefully when someone treats me to a meal or a show. It's not something that I particularly like about myself, but I am well aware of it. Somewhere along the line, though, I've gone from being capable of doing things for myself to not knowing how to behave around someone who holds doors open. I am baffled and more than a little sad about that.

Mom just asked me if I'd ever heard The Swiftys. I hadn't. Go listen to "Find Another Fool" if you get a chance.

And while I'm at it, Brandon sent me "The Littlest Birds" by The Be Good Tanyas, from Blue Horse. Go listen to that one, too, if you get a chance.

I've just noticed that I like to bury introspective stuff in the middle of more mundane things and that's got me thinking, too.

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