09 May 2005

Moms' Day at the APs was very lurvly. The one bad note came as we were cleaning up ... a merlin flew into the window and landed on the deck with his neck at an odd angle, wings spread out and legs poking out oddly, one of them all curled up. We were pretty sure he wasn't going to make it, and his breath kept getting shallower and shallower. Mom phoned me later to say he'd flown off into the neighbours' tree. Huzzah!

It's 3:30 in the afternoon and I just got off the phone. I've been on the phone since I got up this morning. I need new ears ... and new phone batteries, I have two - one's going and the other's dead (batteries, not ears).

Every single person I talked to was someone I wanted to talk to! It's just been one of those phone days, I guess. In fact, I'd like to've talked to a couple of 'em more than I did.

Barbara has tickets to this ... she and Anailise and Mom (dunno yet who else) and I are going ... Mom is beside herself ... Ian Tyson, Corby Lund an' the Queen ... oh my! That's the weekend Patty's in town and Nina graduates, too ... we're trying to organize a sleep-over visit with Patty, Barbara, Chelsea and maybe Nina.

I have a copy of Tiger (complete with iWork and iLife) in my hot little hands, but hafta wait 'til I can get to Bcom to get a bigger external HD before I install it. Oh, the agony! I thought I'd do it today, but I'm thinkin' I'm not going to make it. Maybe I can do it tomorrow if I go early enough that I can get downtown by noon to get to the chiropractor.

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