19 January 2006

Choices ...

First read the following (reprinted with permission), then go listen to Harper's Bizarre.

Or you could listen to Harper's Bizarre first and then read the following.

Or you could listen while you read.

"Harper's Bizarre" - An ElectroPolitica Diatribe from MC Puff Wheat and Upright Grand Master J.

Thanks for reading.

With the election looming in the near future, composers MC Puff Wheat and Upright Grand Master "J" have ground out another epic work of "ElectroPolitica"

"Harper's Bizarre" is a musical expose', a "flick of the earlobe," if you will, outlining some interesting past associations of one Stephen Harper, whose name seems to have been in the news recently.

Due to constraints on time, we are unable to provide you with a CD hard copy of the tune, but encourage you to listen to our broadcast quality mp3, which can be found by following the handy link below.

With our last work, "Ralph's World," we relied heavily on word of mouth, focused email, and the support of college radio stations in Alberta who were willing to tread where others feared to go. "Ralph's World" became a popular contribution to CJSR's "Rock 'Til You Ralph" compilation, and saw surprising popularity on internet peer to peer networks.

If you are of a mind to do so, please follow the link to "Harper's Bizarre," and accept our thanks for listening. We would appreciate your passing the link along to anyone you think interested.


Thank you for your time,

MC Puff Wheat & Upright Grand Master "J"

"Harper's Bizarre" Copyright 2006 John Doe Productions.
Freely available for play on any media. Commercial resale or reproduction is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the composers.

John Doe Productions,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


*If this link is not working, try this one. And give Ralph's World a listen while you're there.

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