07 January 2006

Dream ...

I had a wretched dream early this morning. I dreamt that I put my two new M*A*S*H* DVDs into the gearshift on that girl's boat at the same time and they wouldn't play. Not only wouldn't they play, but they were cracked when I got them out again. I put the first one in and ejected it a few more times and it kept getting more beat-up until it came apart. I tried it again with the second one with the same results. When the cafeteria guy came along, I showed him and he gave me a Grateful Dead album (vinyl) that I hadn't heard before to play while he checked to see what he could do about the DVDs. The album was great and the cook replaced my DVDs. But I knew that the original ones broke because I put them both into the gearshift at the same time and I didn't tell the cafeteria guy that part. I woke up all sweaty and miserable.

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