11 January 2006

Rain and Strep and Commerce, oh my!

Turns out Nina has strep throat. We went to see Mona, Pete, Rose and Cassandra after I took Nina to the doctor, and now Cassandra is feeling yucky. Damn.

Whistler is pretty, in a disneyfied kinda way. Lots of pedestrian-only areas that take you past a bazillion stores on the way from anywhere to anywhere else. It's been right around freezing, so there's rain in the daytime and snow at night. There's snow on the ground with puddles anywhere it's been shovelled or ploughed. It's fun to watch Solas in the snow. She's seen the stuff only once before. Poor Sephi hurt his wrist snowboarding the day Solas got here, so he's all splinted up. I think it was awfully nice of him to go to such lengths to get time off while Solas is here.

I was wondering what the funny numbers were next to the scotches in the menu at Monk's, where I met them for lunch yesterday. They were prices. Oh my. The prices at the two places I've looked so far have ranged from $10-$20plus for a shot of single-malt. Solas calls Second Cup Two Cups. Cute. She's got Darren calling it that now, too.

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