05 January 2006

What's New ...

I got all wound up too tight again and my neck went out. Instead of dealing with it on the 31st, I picked up Nina and the old iMac that Pat rebuilt for her and brought them both here. It hadn't been working for a while. I got it to start from an 8.6 restore disc, and it'll start in 9.0 and 9.2. I just can't get OS X to work on it. It may be that one or more of the OS X discs is bad. I'm going to try swapping hard drives with my old, dead iMac (it got a brand new hard drive when it died, but that wasn't the problem, turns out) and seeing if that helps. Then Nina and I went and got our hair done, had a bite to eat and ran some errands. Nina was a little freaked by how many people point, wave, or stop to talk about the wee car. By the first, I could breathe without crying if I took drugs for it. The next day I could move if I took drugs for it. The next day I was taking homeopathic goo for sinuses and yesterday, I was as good as new.

I ran a few errands yesterday. I went to the yarn store for something specific, which they didn't have ... and I came back empty handed! I washed and blocked the dollhouse blanket and pillow (filled with yarn scraps) for Annailese. Around dinner time, I noticed that I had no water. After a panicked checking of the basement for broken lines and spewing water, I phoned the utilities company. The water main in the alley broke. With luck, we'll have water back tonight.

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