04 February 2006

Fall And Holding ...

It was seven degrees yesterday. I saw four Harleys (granted, three of them were together, but still!) out and about. I'm beginning to wonder if we're going to get winter at all this year.

Brandon and I haven't been very good at our dinnerandamovieTuesdays, but managed one on Wednesday this week. We watched XXX and Lord of War. The latter was far better than the former, but XXX does have a good storyline, some neat blinkies (unfortunately, mostly used up in the intro), and a high cheese factor. Lord of War was good and I was blown away by the CGI in the intro.

Rafe is in town for a few days before heading back south, so we hung out and geeked and ordered Chinese and watched some Farscape on Thursday.

I went for second breakfast with Barbara, Anailese and Corbin yesterday. That little Corbin was dealt a crumby hand and still manages an incredibly infectious smile and laugh. Anailese is growing like a weed. Her face changes weekly, almost daily sometimes. She's speaking in full sentences and bossy ones at that!

I'm crabby about having a head full of goo. I keep getting one day where I feel good, then back to sinuses and fever and ick. And I'm sick of running into piles and shelves full of Billy's stuff, so I'm bagging it up to cart off to Goodwill. If I get ambitious, I'll make a Goodwill run and wash the car on the way home, but I'm not feeling terribly ambitious at the moment. I'm also doing laundry and other housework today, and trying out the green pie not-recipe. I'm going to bake a cake for Anailese's birthday party, next weekend, and I want to try out the ladybug pan Barbara got, as well as try out colouring the icing with beet powder and cocoa, so I'll do a trial run today.

I'm off to Mona and Pete's tomorrow, then Mona, Pete, Rose, Cassandra and I are off to Mary and Robin's for the afternoon. I'll take the green pie and cake out there for snacks.

Epona has just over 1400 km. now. Another 100 and she'll be done her breaking-in period. I'm feeling a Nelson run coming up.

Stuff and Nonsense ...

Length of day: 9:10
Hours of dark: 13:40ish
Sunrise: 8:14 am
Sunset: 5:24 pm
Start of twilight: 7:36 am
End of twilight: 6:01 pm

Current weather: Mostly Cloudy. -1°C (33°F), windchill -4°C (24°F), humidity 64%, wind SE 14.4 km/h (9 mph.), barometer 29.25 in. Hg

Today.. Cloudy. 60% chance of flurries early this afternoon and of rain showers this afternoon. Wind SE 20 km/h becoming light this afternoon. High 4°C.
Tonight.. Cloudy. Low -7°C.
Sunday.. Cloudy becoming sunny with cloudy periods in the afternoon. Wind becoming NW 30 km/h gusting to 50 km/h late in the morning. High -5°C.
Monday.. Sunny. Low -11°C. High -4°C.
Tuesday.. Sunny. Low -11°C. High 1°C.
Wednesday.. Sunny. Windy. Low -3°C. High 4°C.
Normals for the period.. Low -18°C. High -6°C.


Robert van de Walle said...

Epona, eh? cool. Do you whistle like a flute while flying?

Lynn said...

Not THAT Epona! The Great Mare one, Goddess of horses, Mother Goddess, contemporary of Macha, Rhiannon and Maeve ... well, a little green Smart Car, named for her.