08 December 2005


I love the ice crystals in the air

I love being able to tell the temperature by the sound my feet make on the snow

I love how sounds and smells are muted

One of my very favourite things about winter is when little cones of snow perch on top of the mountain ash berry clusters

Yesterday morning, there were tracks in the fresh snow in the back yard. Sir Bunrab (I haven't seen Sir Bunrab in ages!) tracks leading from the front street into the back yard and cat tracks leading from the back alley into the back yard ... they go all over the yard with little scuffley patches here and there ... there's no blood, though, so I think the cat must've survived.

I finished knitting my godmother's Fuzzy Feet ... pictures later, after I've washed them down to size. I've finished the super secret Christmas knitting project and I'm working on a very boy scarf, a prayer shawl (this one is a long-term project) and little sockies for Annailese's advent calendar (which won't be done 'til next year, but Barbara's making do with outgrown socks and a couple of little hand-knit sockies for this year). I want to make a scarf with this stitch pattern, too, but I haven't finished the one I started for myself a year ago.

I met Brandon downtown for dinnerandamovie yesterday. We saw Harry Potter. Both the dinner and the movie were good and the company was even better. I'm glad he's back in this part of the country.

This Saturday is the Cookie & Tree party at Adele's. I'm very looking forward to it! I've ordered tickets for the Christmas Carol Project for the 17th. I'm very looking forward to that one, too.

I ran a bunch of errands today (including fueling the car ... it's got a little over 550 km. on it now and I've filled the tank (from about halfway) three times) and yacked on the phone a lot and Mona, Mary and I kinda figured out what's happening for Christmas. I saved the closer-to-home errands for tomorrow. Epona is very fun to drive and holds way more than you'd think.

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