20 June 2005

Happy Birthday Cory!

I'm so impressed with our city's new mayor ...

from a very good article by Scott McKeen in the Friday., 17 June, 2005 City Section of Edmonton Journal:

Mandel blase about being first mayor in gay pride parade

"It's a group of people, they're having a parade," said Mandel. "People who are gay are people. I just don't know what the big deal is."
"People phoned up during the election campaign and asked if I was going to sign the proclamation," said Mandel. "I said: Of course I'm signing the proclamation. If people don't want to vote for me, they shouldn't vote for me. I'm here to do the best I can and treat everyone fairly."

But treating everyone fairly is much different than being tolerant, says Mandel.

"I hate that word tolerant," says Mandel. "Does tolerant mean I'm the good guy because you're the bad guy?"

"I'm not tolerant of people who are gay. No one should be tolerant of anybody. They should be ... accepting? I don't know what the word is. We need a better word."

How about civil? It's a bit of an old fashioned concept, civility. But it speaks of respect and polite regard for all our neighbours.

I get it, Mr. Mayor. You think this city should already be the kind of place where people feel safe, welcome and included. You think your involvement in Gay Pride week shouldn't be newsworthy.

We're not quite there yet, Mr. Mayor. It is a big deal. And some of us are impressed.

Yah. Hear! Hear!

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