09 June 2005

Happy Birthday, Raye!

Happy Birthday, Ally!

Weird Factor 7.3

On my way to do some banking, I passed my old workplace and everyone was outside ... I thought "fire drill" and got off the bus a stop later. On the corner by the bank, I heard a whoop and then got bear-hugged ... it was my old boss ... turns out they were evacuated 'cuz of a bomb threat. Then I ran into a group of women from advertising and one of them told me about the bomb threat and that "we" could go back in about half an hour, probably. She felt a little silly. I ended up running into a whole lot of other folx I used to work with (some of whom I was very glad to see) over the next little while, including Lydia and her son (I didn't know she'd had a baby!). I usually arrange it so I don't run into folx from there when I go downtown. They made an enormous fuss when I left and it was awkward. A bunch of 'em asked about Roberta Jane, who I'd just talked to last night.

I went to the bank and got a bank draught to send to Dubs, then to the post office to send it express, then to the phone store to return my old phone so they'll stop charging me rent for it ... then to Bonnie Doon to find birthday cards and birthday books and a few groceries. I wanted to be home by 12:30 and made with three minutes to spare. Leah'd phoned, so I called her back and spent an hour catching up, 'cuz we haven't talked in nearly a year. I really love friendships like that. I can talk to her after three years and we pick up like it was yesterday.

I got the tent in before it rained ... well, it's still before it rained, but it sure looked and sounded like it was going to happen any second.

Today feels like a high weird-factor day.

Second breakfast and play date at Barbara and Anailise's again tomorrow, then Saturday we're going to take a day-trip to the lake to see Mona for her birthday and a play date for Rose, Cassandra and Anailise. Sunday afternoon we're off to Millenium Place in Sherwood Park for a gigantic play date (and a Patty visit, yay!) for Ally and Raye's birthday.

Dad and I mucked about in the garage again, on Tuesday. There's actually floor space now. We left a bunch of stuff on the driveway we figured someone would want ... so much more convenient than hauling it to a thrift store. There's stuff in there from before I moved into this house, and from many, many roommates since then, as well as stuff that Billy put aside to deal with later. Once the wee auto arrives (end of August they tell me), there might actually be room for it in the garage.

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